Noel Gallagher Has New Addiction During Lockdown

The Oasis rocker reveals that he has become addicted to cycling while he's self-quarantining with his family in London during the coronavirus lockdown.

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher has become a cycling addict in lockdown in a bid to work off the booze.

The Oasis musician previously admitted on Matt Morgan's "Funny How?" podcast that he would "drink through" the Covid-19 pandemic by stocking up on drinks when pubs in the U.K. were shut.

Now, in a new episode out this week (end9Aug20), he tells Matt he's found a new, healthier vice.

"I go out on the bike four days a week," the "Cigarettes & Alcohol" rocker explains. "I'm 53 now so it's not good to work out a lot, you're ticking over."

"I can do two days in a row and have the third day off. I go uphill off-roading. I'm going 25k (kilometres) in an hour-and-a-half, it's on country roads, there's nobody on them."

"The only downside of the bike is the f**king helmet but what are you gonna do?"

The star's new fitness drive means he may finally have something in common with estranged brother and ex-bandmate Liam other than music, as the younger Gallagher is a keen jogger and is often seen running near his north London home.

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