'Marriage Boot Camp': Tahiry Jose's Boyfriend Vado Kicked Out of House Following Choking Drama
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Before sending the 'Jeff Hamilton' rapper to a hotel, the WEtv reality show's host Dr. Ish assures him that he isn't fired from the show after he choked his girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Vado is facing the repercussion of assaulting girlfriend Tahiry Jose while filming for "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition". In the Thursday, August 6 episode of the WEtv show, host Dr. Ish and producers decided to kick him out after jumping on Tahiry and choking her in the previous episode.

"I can't have you in the house," Dr. Ish told Vado. "I can't have people doing emotional work in an environment where they don't feel safe."

However, Dr. Ish assured him that he wasn't fired from the show. "I'm not kicking you out of the program, but I gotta get you out of this house," he continued explaining before Vado was sent to a hotel.

When asked why he attacked Tahiry, Vado tried to defend himself by saying that Tahiry threw apples at his face beforehand. "She can hit you with two hands on the face, you still can't put hands back on her," Dr. Ish told him. "You gotta use some words. You can't use hands. You know you can't do that. I can't have you around her."

Meanwhile, Tahiry was struggling to register what Vado did to her. "Vado lost it. He put his hands on me. That's not like him," she said in a confessional. Dr. Ish then assured her that "there's nothing you did to trigger that. There's nothing you did to deserve that."

In the episode, Tahiry also opened up about surviving past domestic abuse. Sharing the clip to her Instagram account, she wrote, "I've definitely been reading through all of your comments, thoughts, and opinions on what happened during last weeks episode."

"A lot of people feel a lot of different ways, and I understand that. I’ve spent this time gathering my thoughts so that when I do speak on it very soon I can do so from a place of healing, and not emotions," she added. "THANK YOU to everybody that's been sending me so much love! I truly appreciate it!"

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