'RHOBH': Lisa Rinna Accuses Denise Richards of 'Deflecting' With Brandi Glanville Sex Claims

The ladies reunite for another group dinner when Denise makes a shocking revelation about Brandi, saying that she's had sex with some of the people from the group.

AceShowbiz - The new episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" arrived on Wednesday, August 5. In the episode, Lisa Rinna had a meet-up with Denise Richards in her hotel room as she wanted to hear more about her relationship with former cast member Brandi Glanville, who claimed they hooked up. However, what Denise told her was different from what she said to others.

"I've seen [Brandi] a couple times in my life. She wanted to do a podcast and I told her I was out of town, so she asked could she come up and interview all of the cast," the 49-year-old said to Lisa during a one-on-one chat over coffee. Lisa then asked how long Brandi stayed in Northern California, to which Denise replied, "I don't know, actually, maybe a day. I think she stayed overnight."

Later, Lisa asked Denise if she called Brandi to imply that she was going to take legal action over her hookup claims. "It's not cool. … First of all, I do not have an open marriage and I have not cheated on my husband," Denise explained, adding that Brandi made such claims for "shock value."

Lisa didn't buy her words because Denise's statements were contradicting each other. She previously denied ever speaking to Brandi before or after Kyle Richards' charity event, but she told Lisa that she actually did.

"Anything that I've felt about [Teddi Mellencamp], I've said to her face. I'm going to be super honest. Brandi said, 'I want to let you know things that the group has been saying behind my back,' " Denise told Lisa. Lisa, however, didn't dig deeper because Denise's words were confusing.

Later, the ladies reunited for another group dinner. That was when Denise made a shocking revelation about Brandi. "Brandi has said that she's had sex with every single woman that she's come in contact with, including some of the people from this group," Denise told others. When Dorit Kemsley laughed, Denise said, "I'm not joking."

Kyle then looked at Lisa, saying, "That would only be between you and me. I've never had sex with a woman." Lisa then shared, "I think it's a little bit interesting that you're saying that right now … I've never heard that." Noticing that others didn't believe her, Denise yelled, "She said the same thing about me."

Lisa then fired back, saying, "If you're trying to deflect, it's not working. I don't think Brandi Glanville has ever said she's had sex with me. I can be honest about that. I don't think she's ever said that, so don't say that. Don’t even put that out there."

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