Former 'Ellen' Producer Claims She's 'Emotionally Abused and Fired for No Reason' From the Show

Hedda Muskat says she was subjected to emotional abuse while working on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and claims the television host was very rude to her employees.

AceShowbiz - Former "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" producer Hedda Muskat has alleged she was "emotionally abused" while working on the daytime programme.

Claims about the "toxic" workplace environment first emerged in a Buzzfeed news article in June (20), when one current and 10 former employees spoke about their negative experiences on the show - under the condition of anonymity.

On Wednesday (05Aug20), Muskat became the first of the show's former producers to put her name to her allegations, recalling her time on the programme in an interview on Australia's "Sunrise" morning show.

"I was more emotionally abused, fired for no reason... they told me that they were just going to take the show in a different direction. They ended up gave my job to a guy I trained who was about 24 years old and had no experience," she claimed.

She claimed that Ellen was rude to her from the beginning, and she soon learned the hard way that she wasn't welcome to talk to the host.

"When you walk into her office for example, to pitch her your segments, there was always a snarl. I always felt that I was never welcomed in her office, she always hurried me, 'like get to the point, get to the point,' " she said.

After a few months, Muskat was allegedly told not to go into Ellen's office anymore.

She also claimed she was shown "so much disrespect" when she took her daughter into work one day and wanted to introduce her to the 62-year-old presenter.

"She just snarled again, walked by and I was flabbergasted, she didn't even make eye contact," she said. "I was told later to no longer bring my daughter to work... I was told... 'she doesn't want kids in the office.' "

Now, Muskat is hoping that her decision to come forward with her story will encourage others to publicly do the same.

"I'm coming forward because... she trivialised and minimalised everybody's accusations.... nobody wanted to listen to us until now," she concluded.

Ellen has yet to comment on the allegations about her show workplace environment herself, but has had celebrity friends including Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher come forward in her defence.

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