Amy Schumer Tries to Avoid This by Scheduling Sex With Husband

The 'Trainwreck' star admits sex was the last thing on her mind after she and her chef husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy they named Gene.

AceShowbiz - Comedienne Amy Schumer makes it a point to schedule sex with her husband Chris Fischer after becoming parents to avoid feeling like "roommates".

The "Trainwreck" star welcomed baby boy Gene with chef Fischer last year (19), and she admits sex was the last thing on her mind after her son's delivery.

"They say you can't have sex for, like, six weeks (after giving birth)," the actress said on the new "What to Expect" podcast.

"I was hoping it was going to be longer than that because they just sliced my FUPA (fat upper p**sy area) open. I'm not, like, dying to get pounded from behind, thank you very much. So I was very down to wait the six weeks and then it was nice."

The couple, which wed in 2018, has since found it helpful to "make a plan" to carve out time for intimacy "once a week" in an effort to keep the romance alive.

"We just keep it going because you have to," she shared. "Otherwise, you're just like roommates and then it's weird that you're having sex.

"We go like, 'Let's have sex tomorrow or Tuesday. That'll be a good day.' And then we do it and we go, 'That's great. We should do that more,' but we still just do it once a week."

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