Diddy Called a 'Slave Master' for Allegedly Screwing Over Hip-Hop Stars

The Bad Boy Records founder is called out over his alleged history of throwing other artists under the bus, after he tries to reach out to Loon who was recently released from prison.

AceShowbiz - His career that has spanned three decades may have affirmed Sean "P. Diddy" Combs as one of the biggest stars in music industry, but it doesn't mean he has a clean sheet. The 50-year-old hip-hop mogul has come under fire over his alleged history of screwing over other rap superstars.

Noting how some of his artists got into trouble with the law while he has managed to keep his record clean and sit comfortably as a billionaire, people took to Twitter to call out the Bad Boy Records founder. Likening him to "a slave master," one person wrote, "No difference between diddy and a slave master."

Bringing up Diddy's failed romance with Cassie, whom he dated on and off for over ten years, another tweeted, "diddy is the f**king devil bro this n***a done f**ked over so many artist and took a whole decade of cassies life for no reason."

"How P.Diddy look at everybody tweets on how he f**k over people knowing nobody gone do s**t about it," a third user remarked. Someone else echoed the sentiment, "Diddy has f**ked over so many artists. There needs to be a documentary on how badly he's done the people he's signed. B5, Danity Kane, Day 25 etc."

Labeling him a villain, a fifth person noted, "Diddy the only one who walked away paid. Everybody else either locked up, dead, taking the church's money... or overseas on tour singing old songs while trying to make ends meet. They called Suge Knight the evil villain of hip-hop when really... it was Puffy this whole time."

This arrives after Diddy tried to reach out to former Bad Boy Records artist Loon, who was recently released from prison. The rapper, whose real name Amir Junaid Muhadith, was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for conspiracy with intent to traffic one or more kilos of heroin in 2013. Following his release on July 29, Diddy commented on one of Loon's first pics as a free man, "God is great. Welcome home. Get at me king. Love."

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