'The Odd Couple' TV Series Almost Starred Larry King and Regis Philbin

According to the former 'Larry King Now' host, he and the late 'Live! co-host almost landed their own TV version of the classic show about two friends at their 80s.

AceShowbiz - Larry King and Regis Philbin were in the running to land their own TV version of "The Odd Couple".

During a chat with U.S. TV show "Extra", King remembered his late friend, who passed away this weekend (25-26Jul20) at the age of 88, and revealed the pair were pitched a new TV version of the classic stage show, movie and sitcom.

According to King, director and producer Robert Smigel approached them with the idea, which focuses on two friends with conflicting personalities and habits who live together.

"He came to meet Regis and I in New York, with an idea - it didn't come off - in which Regis and I would live together at our ages, 80 and 82, in a version of The Odd Couple," King explained.

The star also shared his feelings for Regis, calling him "the kindest, happiest… funniest person I know. I know no one who disliked him. No one."

"We spent so much time together on and off the air," he remembered. "He took me to Notre Dame… One weekend I went out as his guest. We walked the stadium… He loved Notre Dame so much. He said, 'Notre Dame feels like heaven.' He's going to be buried there."

King continued, "He was as good a guest as he was a host. We would sing songs back and forth together. Such fun to be with him. He was self-deprecating. Whenever he came on my show, he'd say, 'Altoona, hello,' making fun of my radio show."

"He lived a wonderful 88 years. I'm 86 years old - I'll take another two," King smiled. "I'm going to miss him. I'm going to miss his jovialness... He was a great man."

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