T.I. Claps Back at Blog for Trying to Stir the Pot With Daughter Deyjah Harris' Cryptic Message

The rapper takes to his Instagram account to call out TheShadeRoom for allegedly trying to imply that Deyjah shades him in her tweet in which she talks about parenting.

AceShowbiz - T.I. wants everyone to know that things are okay between him and daughter Deyjah Harris following the infamous Hymen drama. So when the rapper caught someone trying to cause a drama between them, he didn't waste time to clap back and drop some receipts.

On Monday, July 27, the rapper took to his Instagram account to call out TheShadeRoom for allegedly trying to imply that Deyjah shaded T.I. in her recent post on Twitter. "watch how you speak to your children. i don't care how old they are, they still deserve the same respect that you expect in return," so Deyjah wrote on Sunday, July 26.

Clearing things up, Tip showed some screenshots from his and Deyjah's text exchanges regarding the matter. "BRAAAAA. it's always some BS. i didn't answer their DM for a reason and they still gone post it?" Deyjah wrote to her dad.

T.I. then suggested Deyjah to "apply More context," adding that "IG is a place where if you don't give them their conclusion, they will definitely draw their own. Or should I say social media." Tip then noted, "I mean I didn't mean to upset you. Just givin you some game."

T.I.'s son Domani Harris then chimed in, "I feel like u already know people gone make assumptions and speculate. not the first time it's happened. its key words and subjects that trigger this kind of attention that u say u don't want. just to be more clear when u speak your mind to the whole world."

To that, Deyjah responded, "yeahhhh i get it but.. it's my twitter, i should be able to tweet what i want and people should just mind their business. everything doesn't have to be about him, this why i don't like people." She also refused to be called a celebrity, adding that "the internet genuinely pisses me off."

Writing in the caption, Tip said, "So since our very public mishap (we comically refer to as'hymengate') @theshaderoom reposts all my baby girl's tweets and IG posts and casually insinuates or assumes she's referring to me. We usually just dismiss it or laugh it off cause only WE KNOW WHATS UP WIT US!! But this time my baby expresses aggravation to us about it so with her permission I'm sharing our exchange."

He continued, "I'm sharing this with you all in hope of creating context that will redirect the agendas & intentions of @theshaderoom and their followers when they think of me&my baby girls relationship. That shit still on YALL MINDS... WE MOVED ON LONG AGO... Hopefully now you can too. Love and Respect."

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