Liam Payne Teaches Son How to Cook as They Reunite After Lockdown Measures Ease

The One Direction star reveals he has been bonding with his three-year-old child Bear in the kitchen as the family reunites after three months apart due to pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Liam Payne has been reunited with his son Bear after spending three months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The "Strip That Down" star shares three-year-old Bear with ex Cheryl and, as he was in the U.S. when concerns about Covid-19 led to an almost worldwide lockdown, decided to stay away from his little boy for his own safety.

"It was the longest time I've not seen him - ever," he told BBC Radio 1. "We were trying to be extra safe. Me and his mum decided that was what was best."

"Slowly, as time went on it just got to the point where I couldn't really not see him anymore."

But as lockdown measures have slowly started to ease in the U.K., Liam has been able to see Bear again, and they've been spending time together at Cheryl's house.

As well as just enjoying being with his son, Liam has also been teaching him to cook, and has been impressed with how well the toddler has taken to the lessons.

"He actually ate the whole thing because he knew that he'd cooked it," Liam smiled. "He's gonna be very much like me. We've had some really lovely times over at the house."

Liam was on Radio 1 to mark the 10th anniversary of One Direction on Thursday (23Jul20).

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