Taylor Swift Defended by Dylan O'Brien After Smash Mouth Disses Her New Album

The 'Walkin on the Sun' group is under fire after it tweeted, 'borelore,' which many assume is a play on the title of the pop superstar's latest album 'Folklore'.

AceShowbiz - Swifties have shown many times in the past that no one should come at their favorite star, but not everyone is apparently aware of this. Smash Mouth has experienced firsthand the wrath of Taylor Swift's fans that the group appeared to mock her new album "Folklore".

Following the release of the 30-year-old singer/songwriter's surprise new record, the "All Star" band tweeted, "borelore." Many were quick to interpret the play on the tittle of Taylor's new album as a diss, insinuating that it is boring.

Smash Mouth Disses Taylor Swift's New Album

Smash Mouth dissed Taylor Swift's new album.

Actor Dylan O'Brien was surprisingly among one of the fans who have come to the Grammy Award-winning artist's defense. Taking to his own Twitter account, "The Maze Runner" star threw expletive at the rock band as he wrote, "F**k Smash Mouth."

Dylan O'Brien Defends Taylor Swift

Dylan O'Brien clapped back at the band to defend the pop singer.

Another fan of the "Lover" singer hit back by comparing Taylor and Smash Mouth's music, "You had one hit in a children's movie about ogres. She has eight albums spanning three genres and worldwide recognition. U are not the same."

"Not one hit wonders who are living off the split royalities from a song that was featured on a movie soundtrack made for CHILDREN speaking...your rent is past due pls worry about that," another slammed the band.

"Your account will be gone by morning," someone else warned the "Walkin on the Sun" hitmakers, while another told them, "How about you go to the studio and make a critically acclaimed album like folklore rats."

But one person was brave enough to defend Smash Mouth, writing back to the critics, "Apparently this is about Taylor swift from what I'm seeing in the replies? Her songs suck, stop attacking a talented group just because one of their songs became a meme and that somehow invalidates their opinions."

Taylor released "Folklore" on Friday, July 24 at midnight after announcing it on Thursday morning. Along with it, she dropped the music video for "Cardigan", the No. 2 track off the set. The album, which marks her first take on alternative genre, has received universal critical acclaim, with praise towards the album's "subdued" nature, Taylor's unconventional music direction and the narrative songwriting.

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