Katy Perry Says 'Tomorrowland' Will Be Her Last Show Before Maternity Leave

The soon-to-be-mom is set to perform this coming weekend at a virtual concert which will be her last one for some time before she prepares for baby delivery.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry is getting so close to becoming a mother she thinks her weekend performance at the Tomorrowland Around the World virtual concert will be her last for some time.

The "Roar" singer staged an online press conference on Thursday (23Jul20), ahead of the big show, and confessed she's getting ready to play mum.

Asked if the show would be her last for the foreseeable future, Katy said, "I think it's possible, yeah - other than, like, in my own shower."

"I'm happy and I know my body feels good and so that means I can give a great performance."

Perry will headline the event, featuring performances from DJs Steve Aoki and David Guetta, among others.

"Even though I'm like an extra 40 pounds, no one cares, but I'm still dancing around and still bringing that kind of sparkle in life, and fun, and joy," she added, insisting her swan song gig could be one of her best.

"The performances are not on Zoom, and not from our couches, and they are a high level," she explained. "They're gonna be different than anything that you've tuned into during this time over quarantine. I think it's gonna be worth a ticket for sure."

Meanwhile, Perry's new album, "Smile", will be released on 14 August (20).

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