'AGT' Recap: Heidi Klum Returns as Final Season 15 Auditions Continue From Home

The auditions of season 15 of the NBC show are suspended after 9 days due to the coronavirus pandemic, leading the competition to continue with at-home auditions.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" returned with a new episode on Tuesday, July 14 for final season 15 auditions. It started normally in the studio, sans an audience, with judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel witnessing the contestants perform in person. As for Heidi Klum, she was still at home due to health reason.

Kicking off the show was Alex Hooper, who was booed off the stage when he performed two seasons ago. Now, he offered a much improved performance, much to the judges' liking. Following it up was The Lightwave Theater Company, who took the stage with their lifesize puppetry. Sofia loved it and called it "very special."

Singer Kameron Ross then sang "Red Dirt Road" but Simon stopped him midway his performance to ask him sing a capella. It was much better and Kameron moved on to the next round. John Austin later gave a bizarre yet interesting performance. First, it looked like he was just saying gibberish, but when it was played in reverse, it turned out that he was singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". Howie gave him a standing ovation. While Simon didn't dig into it, Sofia sent John to the next round with a second yes.

Chicken Scratch Sam brought laugh to the studio as he walked out in a full chicken costume. Howie praised him, saying that he was "so funny and silly and brilliant." He moved on after Sofia gave him a yes. Also going to the next round was stand-up comedian John Hastings.

The Ninja Twins hit the stage to perform synchronized dancing and singing, but it wasn't Simon's cup of tea. However, Sofia and Howie liked it so they went through to judge cuts. Performing Lizzo's "Truth Hurts", Jefferson Davis High marching band awed the judges. Meanwhile, Siena Uremovic stunned the judges as she flaunted her dancing and acrobatic skills while blindfolded. She headed to judge cuts.

A singer, who later revealed that his name is Sheldon Riley, sang an incredible rendition of Billie Eilish's "Idontwannabeyouanymore". Unsurprisingly, he moved to the judge cuts.

The auditions of "AGT" were then suspended after 9 days due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition continued with at-home auditions while Heidi finally returned after missing the show for a few weeks. Among the incredible performers were singing duo Chris and Sid, adorable dog act Alexis Brownley, amazing mentalist Max Major and opera singer Erin McCarthy.

New episode of "America's Git Talent" season 15 will air on July 28 at NBC.

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