'Magnum P.I.' Showrunner Booted by CBS Following Misconduct Allegations in Workplace

Producer Peter Lenkov who also served as a showrunner on 'Hawaii Five-0' and 'MacGyver' TV reboots has been fired by The Eye following rumors of toxic work environments.

AceShowbiz - The creator of the "Hawaii Five-0" and "Magnum P.I." TV reboots has been fired from U.S. network CBS amid allegations suggesting he cultivated toxic work environments on set.

Writer and producer Peter Lenkov had served as showrunner on the revivals of "Magnum P.I." and "MacGyver", as well as "Hawaii Five-0", which concluded its 10-season run at the channel in April (20).

However, on Tuesday (07Jul20), it was announced his relationship with network bosses had been terminated after executives received multiple complaints about his behind-the-scenes behaviour.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter Lenkov was accused of manipulative and abusive treatment of staff on both "Hawaii Five-0" and "MacGyver" while he was allegedly known as a misogynist and frequently talked down to writers, especially women and people of colour.

In response to the news, Lenkov issued a public apology to those affected and vowed to "do better" moving forward.

"Now is the time to listen and I am listening," he shared in a statement to the publication. "It's difficult to hear that the working environment I ran was not the working environment my colleagues deserved, and for that, I am deeply sorry."

"I accept responsibility for what I am hearing and am committed to doing the work that is required to do better and be better."

In light of Lenkov's exit, executive producers Monica Macer and Eric Guggenheim have been promoted to showrunners on their respective series, "MacGyver" and "Magnum P.I."

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