Lil Yachty Flames Chance The Rapper for His Baby Picture

The picture in question features the 'Hot Shower' hitmaker posing with a woman, who seems to be his mom, and showing his missing teeth as he opens a little bit of his mouth.

AceShowbiz - Chance The Rapper recently treated his Instagram followers to a throwback picture when he was a kid. Lil Yachty, who was apparently in a roasting mood, caught wind of the post and found something about Chance in the picture to make fun of.

The picture in question featured the "Hot Shower" hitmaker posing with a woman who seemed to be his mom. The young Chano could be seen opening his mouth a little, showing his missing teeth. Reminiscing his childhood, Chance captioned the post, "I'm not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again."

Among the commenters was Yachty, who was quick to jokingly roast him for his appearance. "Lmao aye brah," Yachty wrote in the comment section, adding, "U look like u use to growl if u ain't get yo way hahaha."

Not stopping there, Yachty went on to flame Chance with some ruthless digs. "U look like u use to bite lmaooo," he continued. The "Oprah's Bank Account" spitter also said that Chance looked "like u use to fight at the park" and someone who "kept two mixed match hot wheels in yo right pocket."

Some other fans were flooding Chance with praises. "Yo you were the coolest kid as ever Lolol," a fan said. Responding to his caption, a fan wrote to him, "You can forever be a kid man like me right now im tripping on prescription sleeping piĺls feels good brother."

Some fans also noted that his daughter looked exactly like him when he was a kid. "Wow, your daughter is your twin! how are genes soooooo strong," one of them said. Another fan added, "sooo cute! your daughter looks EXACTLY like you!"

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