'AGT' Recap: Howie Mandel Gives His Golden Buzzer to Show's First Spoken Word Artist

Also performing that night are harmonica-playing act Brothers Gage and two-time Olympic runner Shevon Nieto, the latter of which showcases her amazing vocal with an original song for her husband.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" returned with a new episode on Tuesday, June 30. The episode saw that Heidi Klum wasn't present due to health problem, while Eric Stonestreet was still there to fill in her place. Kicking off the show was Cheer Athletics, a competitive cheer group from Texas.

It was such an amazing performance, making Sofia Vergara's jaw drop in awe. Meanwhile, Howie Mandel said that the group was "terrific" with Simon Cowell noting that "AGT" audience would love this act.

Following it up was young piano player Jacob Velazquez, who offered a beautiful original song before transitioning Fall Out Boy's "Centuries". Simon raved about his "amazing aura" and added that the act was "one of his favorite auditions of the season."

Michael Yo later took the stage to perform a stand-up comedy. Howie and Eric loved the performance and clapped before he even concluded his performance. Simon applauded Michael for his "fantastic" audition, while Eric told him that he "nailed it."

Also performing that night were harmonica-playing act Brothers Gage and two-time Olympic runner Shevon Nieto. The latter showcased her amazing set of pipes with a performance of an original song she wrote for her husband Jamie titled "Through The Good & The Bad". The judges raved about it as Howie called it "beautiful" and Sofia told her that she has a "wonderful" voice.

Up next was young cello player Elijah who opted to showcase his talent by performing Ariana Grande's "7 Rings". That convinced Simon that he had "great potential." As for Kenadi Dodds, she sang an original song called "One Way Ticket To Tennesse", and blew Simon's mind.

Comedian Crystal Powell also earned a praise from Simon, who said that she was "naturally funny." Concluding the night was Brandon Leake, who took the stage to perform an audition poem as an ode to his sister. Sofia was brought to tears with the emotional performance which was enough to make Howie push his Golden Buzzer for him. Brandon was sent straight to the live shows!

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