Blueface Gets Slapped by His Baby Mama in Instagram Video

The 'Thotiana' hitmaker's weird interaction with his on-and-off girlfriend Jaidyn Alexxis arrives over a month after she was recorded having a violent outburst at his home.

AceShowbiz - Blueface's baby mama Jaidyn Alexxis clearly loves to play rough. Over a month after she was caught on camera going berserk at his house and trying to smash his window, the mother of the rapper's son slapped him as his Instagram followers witnessed it.

On Friday, June 26, the Los Angeles-born star went on Instagram Live to rap Big Sean's verse on Drake's "All Me". Apparently bothered by the constant noise from Jaidyn, who was in the same room with him, the "Thotiana" hitmaker asked her to "shut the f**k up."

Instead of complying to his request, Jaidyn taunted him and asked back whom she was talking to. She then smacked him in the face while Blueface, who was lying in what looks like a bed, just responded with a smile. She iterated that that's what he got for telling her to shut up.

Social media users quickly weighed in on the video, with some people criticizing their "toxic" relationship. Someone urged Blueface to leave his baby mama, writing, "He needs to get rid of her frfr." Another shared the same sentiment, "why does he still let her in his home man i’d never want to be in a relationship like that."

Previously, Blueface and his baby mama set tongues wagging after he shared a video of Jaidyn having a violent outburst at his home. In the May clip, she was seen holding a metal pooper scooper and using it to bang on the doors and windows, while he's remaining calm inside the house.

At one point, their child was heard crying, while the 23-year-old artist mockingly narrated the video. "baby mama drama, on crip," he exclaimed. He continued, "Damn, I got some good d**k," as he observed the supposed evidence of this incident. "Now she runnin', look."

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