Model Duckie Thot Apologizes for Her 'Tone Deaf' Tweet About Breonna Taylor

The former 'Australia's Next Top Model' contestant, who has been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, has come under fire after being accused of reducing the murder of Breonna to a meme.

AceShowbiz - Duckie Thot's recent Twitter post has rubbed people the wrong way. Though she has been vocal about her support for an end to racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement, the Australian model has enraged social media users after posting her pictures while mentioning Breonna Taylor's name.

"anyways, Breonna Taylor," so the 24-year-old catwalk beauty captioned the snaps of herself posing in a curve-hugging dress olive green dress. Her mention of the 26-year-old African-American emergency medical technician, who was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police Department officers on March 13, was out of the blue, since there's no context given to it.

People have since called out Duckie for being disrespectful and accused her of reducing the murder of Breonna to a meme. "Breonna taylor's death being commodified into a meme is really enough to tell me that y'all do not actually value the personhood of black women," one person reacted to Duckie's tweet.

"Breonna Taylor becoming a meme is so terrible. I can't believe Duckie-," another was similarly disgusted at the model's post. Another demanded her apology, "@duckie_thot , can you apologize.? Because this was very insensitive."

"..... the way y'all making this s**t is a trend is disgusting and y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. You're deada** a bum for this @duckie_thot," read another comment. Someone else slammed the former "Australia's Next Top Model" contestant, "You will not be seeing heaven b***h @duckie_thot."

While some note that people have been trying to keep Breonna's name in the media given that her killers are yet to be arrested and charged, they still can't take this kind of meme. "the whole point of tweeting about her is to raise awareness about her case but people have been asked multiple times to stop making memes and jokes about her and then she goes and does this. This is 100% insensitive, disrespectful and at best tone deaf," one person pointed out.

Sharing the same opinion, another user already apologized Duckie, though. "@duckie_thot I see the sentiment but inappropriate post girl ... Dont hate you tho, honest mistake," the said person tweeted.

Duckie Thot Apologizes for Her 'Tone Deaf' Tweet About Breonna Taylor

Duckie Thot apologizes after accused of reducing Breonna Taylor's death to a meme.

Duckie has since deleted the tweet in question and posted an apology. "i apologize for the misunderstanding," she wrote on Thursday, June 24, before explaining, "it was a slide i saw many ladies post without realizing it may come across tone deaf. the point was, Breonna Taylor matters more than my picture. once i was told that it was in poor taste i quickly deleted it."

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