Beyonce's Fans Not Having It After Britney Spears Declares Herself 'Queen B'

The '...Baby One More Time' hitmaker enrages Beyhives after claiming that her fans have been calling her 'Queen B', not realizing that it has long been Bey's nickname.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears may have unwittingly ignited a war with one of the strongest fanbases in entertainment world. The Princess of Pop has caught the heat of Beyonce Knowles' fans after declaring herself as "Queen B".

"To all my fans who call me Queen B….I believe this would be more accurate!!!!!" so the 38-year-old pop star posted on Instagram on Wednesday, June 25, along with several bee emojis. She apparently wasn't aware that the "Formation" singer has long been known as "Queen Bey" a.k.a. "Queen B" by her fans and most people around the world.

Britney's post soon enraged Beyhives, who accused her of taking their favorite star's crown. "Beyonce is Queen B, don't get it twisted Brit," one Bey fan commented on the "Womanizer" singer's post. Another similarly remarked, "There's only one Queen B and that's Beyonce."

"FALSE," a third user simply replied to Britney's claim, while another slammed the former Mouseketeer, "BEYONCE IS BETTER THAN YOU, ROBOTNEY." Someone else kindly told her, "I love you girl but ... Theres only one Queen B Still love you though."

Others came to Britney's defense, believing that it wasn't her intention to claim Beyonce's title. "Y'all leave Brit alone now ... Y'all know how Brit is!! She don't know!!" one told the haters. Another asked people to cut Britney some slack after all the drama that she has been through in her personal life, "This is wrong. Y'all know that she suffers from several things that have to do with her mental health, why are y'all putting a target on her smh that's messed up."

Someone else had a similar message to Beyonce fans, tweeting, "hold up. Britney Spears legally can't even touch her own money cuz she clinically can't be trusted with it. Trade shoes with that. She has a pass. Let her say she Queen B... King Arthur, BB King, Spiderman! Be kind with sensitive people. Beyonce will survive it!"

Britney has not addressed the backlash, while Beyonce has not responded to the "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer's declaration.

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