Claudia Jordan 'Disgusted' by the Hate She Receives for Supporting Mike Tyson's Rape Victim

On her show 'Cocktails with Queens', the actress/talk show host, who claims that she herself is a victim of sexual assault, says she will never forgive a man who raped a black woman though he has paid his dues.

AceShowbiz - Claudia Jordan recently recalled being a witness at Mike Tyson's rape trial in support of her friend Desiree Washington, who was sexually assaulted by the retired boxer in 1991. The reactions that she's got were apparently so shocking that she discussed it in the new episode of her talk show "Cocktails with Queens".

"I was disgusted at the amount of people who came at me for supporting a black teenager who was raped and he was convicted," she told her co-hosts Vivica A. Fox, Sylenna Johnson and LisaRaye McCoy. Refusing to bury the past when it comes to sexual assault, she passionately said, "Yes, it was a long time ago. But ... there's no, 'Get over it. It's in the past. Let bygones be bygones.' "

Claiming that she herself was a victim of sexual assault, the model/actress continued, "It will never be a bygone to me. And if y'all know me, when I'm friend with someone, I have your motherfm back. And that is it. ... If you don't like that, then f**k you."

"I love black men. But I want you to do better. Do not support a man that raped a black woman, when you guys are father of black girls, you have black mothers. It is bulls**t. You're full of s**t," she clarified her stance on the Black Lives Matter movement, stressing that it should also protect black women.

When LisaRaye asked whether that means there's no forgiving for a rapist even after he served his time in jail, paid his dues and restructured his life, Claudia said, "I will never forgive a man" that raped a woman.

Claudia spoke about being a hostile witness at Mike's 1992 rape trial when appearing on the "Hustling with Vivica A. Fox" podcast last week. "It was horrible for me. [Tyson] was like 10 feet away, he was mad," said the former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, adding that the boxer was punching his hands as she testified on the stand.

She went on recounting, "I think he thought I was called by the defense like all the other paid off witnesses that came to the trial in new clothes and fresh from a trip from Jamaica. But when I got on the stand, I'm a hostile witness for their side."

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