Queen Naija Shows Receipts She's Not 'Evil' After Online Spat With Ex Chris Sails

The 'Mama's Hand' songstress shares screenshots of her conversations with Chris as he wants to meet their son Cj but refuses to talk to his probation officer despite Queen's request.

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija's drama with ex and baby daddy Chris Sails has yet to end. The former lovers were seen throwing shades at each other on social media after Chris alluded that Queen prevented him from meeting their son Chris Jr.

"If I lose my son I have nothing else to live for," he wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, June 17. Chris doubled down on the speculations that Queen was keeping their son from him in a series of tweets, one of which read, "I have mental issues because your tryna keep my son away from me? How dumb do you sound...."

In a separate post, he added, "You're the only one with the mental disorder." Even though Chris didn't name names, it was safe to assume that he was taking a jab at Queen with the tweets.

Queen then broke her silence amid the allegations. Tweeting on her own page on Thursday, Queen said, "I've been very thoughtful of him. I even told the judges not to put him on child support .. it's not about him or me . It's about the safety of Cj."

Later the "Mama's Hand" songstress dropped her receipts, sharing screenshots of her conversations with Chris as he wanted to meet Cj but refused to talk to his probation officer despite Queen's request. "I don't think he should go to Houston until I can personally get confirmation that he won't have another case opened up. They'll call on you again soon as they see you with him. And I also need your address when you get a chance..," Queen told him.

"You wouldn't understand because I never told you that you have to fly out to Houston if you wanna see your son. But Ight. Actually talk to me tomorrow too cuz I see you really don't care If I see him or not because you would have been called up to Houston cps," Chris replied.

In the text, Queen tried to explain that she was "doing this for his [Cj] safety," adding, "He is also being educated so he cannot be gone long periods of time anymore. Why can't your P.O. allow you to come see him? You came here before." Chris then said, "Idk wanna do that. I want him to be here."

Captioning the post, Queen wrote, "proof that I'm not being 'evil' ..or taking his son. I told him he can come see his son..his last response was he didn't want to ''do that'..I've made sure cj has seen him multiple times even if I had to buy the tickets myself. But now I'm a b***h."

This arrives after Queen revealed that she couldn't locate her son after her ex Chris Sails was arrested in Texas back in April. Fortunately, it didn't take long before Naija successfully found her son. "To be clear, I found where my baby was & spoke to him & will be with him soon," she shared the relieving news, before denying that she posted "something like this for attention."

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