Mark Wahlberg

The latest biggest movement that rocks the nation, the fight against social injustice and police brutality has prompted a bunch of people to come forward with shocking allegations against public figures.

AceShowbiz - Two decades may be more than enough time for someone to change, but that doesn't seem to make people easily forgive and forget Mark Wahlberg's sins. As he posted a George Floyd tribute on Instagram on June 4, social media users brought up his past hate crimes against people of color. "Remember when you threw rocks at little black girls," one person reminded him, alleging that his statement wasn't "genuine" and telling him to "just delete it."

Teen Mark was indeed a racist boy, having throwing rocks at three black children while yelling, "Kill the nigger, kill the nigger" when he was 15. Later in 1988, the "Transformers: The Last Knight" star punched a Vietnamese American, Johnny Trinh, so hard in the eye he thought he'd blinded him. For this incident, he was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to felony assault, and was sentenced to two years in jail, but only served 45 days. In 2016, he said that he had met with Johnny and apologized "for those horrific acts," and Johnny had forgiven him, but that's apparently not enough for public.

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