Pierce Brosnan Lost Two Friends to Coronavirus Amid Pandemic

The former James Bond actor reveals in a new interview two of his friends have passed away after losing battle with the killer virus amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

AceShowbiz - Pierce Brosnan suffered pain and loss in paradise after learning two pals had lost their lives to the coronavirus while self-isolating in Hawaii.

The movie star, his wife Keely, and their sons Dylan and Paris jetted off to their Kauai retreat as the COVID-19 lockdown began and he has spent the last nine weeks hanging out with his family.

But it's not as if he hasn't been touched by the killer virus.

"I lost two friends to COVID-19," Pierce tells Parade. "No matter where you are and how beautiful it may be, you still have this awful threat looming. People are dying. Hopefully after this, there will be more kindness and awareness of the fragility of our planet."

Brosnan is beginning to get back to normal, promoting his new film "Eurovision Song Contest", a Will Ferrell comedy based around the popular annual music competition. Pierce plays Will's dad in the movie.

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