Taylor Swift Called 'Narcissistic' for Allegedly Comparing Touring to Coronavirus Crisis

During her speech for YouTube's Dear Class of 2020, the 'You Need to Calm Down' singer says she can relate to this year's graduates after having missed her own high school graduation because she was on a tour.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift has earned some negative comments following her appearance on Dear Class of 2020. The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter was among a number of public figures who congratulated this year's graduates during the virtual graduation event hosted by YouTube on Sunday, June 7.

"I wanted to say congratulations to all the graduates this year," the country-turned-pop superstar began her message. Sharing her own experience to have missed her high school graduation because she was on a tour, she said she can relate to this year's graduates, who couldn't have the traditional graduation event because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I know this is probably not the graduation you thought you were going to be having. I relate to that in a lot of ways," she continued. "When I was younger, I used to fantasize about high school graduation and being with all of your friends and (wearing the) cap and gown and the whole thing."

The 30-year-old went on recalling, "Then when I got to that point in my life where graduation was coming up, I found myself on a radio tour with my mum in rental cars, sitting on the floors of airports, and I ended up being mailed my diploma. So it wasn't exactly what I pictured, but I was still really proud of it."

Urging youngsters to look on the bright side, she added, "I guess one good lesson to come from it is expect the unexpected, but celebrate anyway." She went on saluting the graduates, "I'm so proud of you guys and I hope that you have a wonderful time and are really proud of yourselves."

But not all were inspired by Taylor's speech. Some naysayers accused her of comparing touring to the coronavirus crisis and called her "narcissistic" for making it about her. "Taytay Narcissus relates to not graduating because she was on radio tour with her mom and got mailed her diploma. Compares her experience with people unable to graduate in 2020 because of a pandemic that killed in USA alone + 100.000. Gaylor not so swift on this one," one critic wrote.

Another slammed her for being "self-absorbed," while a third one similarly commented, "Looooool this is beyond self-absorption. She needs more people."

"I mean what do y'all expect from an entitled white woman," a fourth hater added. Another claimed, "She is using the movement to make her look better for the public. She hasn't been the same since scooter took her masters and funded ariana's projects with it."

"I laughed at the video so hard. I swear I'm still laughing," someone else else wrote, comparing Taylor to Donald Trump and her nemesis Kanye West. "It's soooooo narcissistic becomes funny, like those movies that are so bad they become trash classics. She really is as narcissistic as Trump or Kanye. And the hair..what's that Lego hair about?"

Calling her "talentless," another person hopes that the "Look What You Made Me Do" songstress "gets cancelled along with the Kardashians." Someone else admitted that he/she was disappointed with Taylor's speech, writing, "Never expected for Taylor Swift to be one of those dumb, 'relatable' celebrities during this time but I guess I thought wrong."

There were a few, however, who have defended Taylor and blasted the critics for "reaching." One of them hit back at the haters, "Sorry but this is reaching. All I hear is someone trying to empathise not saying it's the same thing." Another responded to the backlash, "the title is misleading in comparaison to what she's actually saying in the video."

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