Joe Giudice Says Teresa 'Loved' Vibrators That He Sent for Her
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Even though he had romantically split from the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star, whom he married for almost 20 years, Joe makes sure to send some of his products to the Bravo personality.

AceShowbiz - Joe Giudice's new business got an approval from ex-wife Teresa Giudice. In a new podcast interview, the former "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star sent Teresa a pack of vibrators for her and her friends to try, and got rave reviews from them.

"I wasn't sure about getting into it, but then I was like, 'That probably wouldn't be a bad business to get into right now,' " Joe said of starting his latest venture during his appearance in the latest episode of the "Hollywood Raw" podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. He added that his products were like "the Rolls Royce" of massage toys.

Even though he had romantically split from Teresa, Joe made sure to send some of his products to the Bravo personality. "I sent them out to my wife and her friends. I made sure it was good before getting into anything," he explained.

"[The owner] wanted to send me like 3 boxes of the stuff here. I'm like, 'What am I going to do with these things … give them to my aunts and my grandmoms here?' " the 48-year-old said.

During the interview, Joe revealed that he remains in a good relationship with Teresa despite the split. "We are on the phone, we always talk. I was just on the phone with her a few minutes ago. Look, we have four kids, we have to talk. When you have four kids it's a lot," Joe, who is preparing for boxing match in the Bahamas, opened up.

He continued, "I feel bad she had to deal with them all on our own. I do what I can from here. I'm always calling them; I’m always talking to them." When asked if Teresa would come to watch his match, Joe responded, "I'm sure. I mean why not? My kids will go, I'm sure she will."

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