'Midnight Rider' Director Hit With Arrest Warrant for Filming New Movie Overseas

An arrest warrant has been issued for Randall Miller for allegedly violating the terms of his probation following his decision to film his new movie 'Higher Grounds' overseas.

AceShowbiz - An arrest warrant for filmmaker Randall Miller has been issued by authorities in Georgia following his decision to make a movie overseas while on probation.

Assistant District Attorney John Johnson has asked Wayne County probation officials to issue the warrant, according to Deadline, after determining Miller challenged the terms of his release from prison by shooting his new film "Higher Grounds" in Serbia and Colombia.

"As a director, he's in violation," Johnson tells the outlet. "The time remaining on his probation could be revoked."

"One of the conditions of his probation is that he cannot serve as a director, assistant director or as a supervisor responsible for the safety of others on a film. The way Georgia interprets those kinds of clauses is that those are separate entities, so he cannot serve as a director."

The judgement comes a day after the parents of tragic camerawoman Sarah Jones urged Directors Guild of America officials to kick Miller out of the organisation for directing a movie while on probation.

Miller served a year behind bars for his part in the death of Jones, who was hit and killed by a train while shooting footage for his aborted Allman Brothers biopic "Midnight Rider" in Georgia in 2014.

The camerawoman's parents, Richard and Elizabeth Jones, are convinced Miller violated the terms of his probation by shooting "Higher Ground" overseas and they want DGA bosses to act.

In a statement to Deadline, the parents wrote, "The legal system will decide whether Mr. Miller violated the terms of his probation when he produced and directed the feature film Higher Grounds, but in our opinion he most certainly violated the moral and ethical standards that informed his court sentencing."

,p> "To us, his actions were blatantly defiant and egregiously disrespectful to the entire creative community, to the six crew members who were injured while filming Midnight Rider, and to the memory of Sarah Jones, who died on Mr. Miller's set as a direct result of the unsafe conditions that he willfully and illegally created."

"To help ensure that the film industry consistently protects the lives and safety of all its members, it is imperative to hold those responsible for Sarah's death fully accountable."

Miller's lawyer, Ed Garland, previously told Deadline his client's probation document contained a lot of ambiguous language, adding, "The day that sentence was entered, the language of that sentence indicated he could continue to direct."

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