Ramy Youssef Recalls Being Ghosted by Lindsay Lohan About Appearance on Hulu Series

In an new interview, the Golden Globe winner reveals that the 'Mean Girls' actress has agreed to open up on her journey to Islam on 'Ramy', but did not show up on shooting day.

AceShowbiz - Lindsay Lohan was set to open up on her journey to Islam on Ramy Youssef's hit Hulu series "Ramy" - but apparently stopped taking the star's calls.

The 29-year-old Golden Globe winner told Entertainment Weekly he wanted the "Mean Girls" actress to appear in a scene about Muslims that most people don't realise practice the faith, alongside former pornographic actress Mia Khalifa.

However when it came time for her to arrive on set, 33-year-old Lindsay, who has spoken openly in the past about her commitment to the faith, apparently never showed up.

"We had an idea that it wasn't just (Khalifa), but we were interested in this idea of people that you don't really think are Muslim," Youssef explained. "We actually cast Lindsay Lohan, because Lindsay had this whole thing about converting to Islam.

"So we had cast Lindsay and I talked to her and she was down, and then, you know, like Lindsay does, we just kind of stopped hearing from her," he laughed.

The star added: "I was trying to get ahold of her and she was on the call sheet, and I guess she couldn't make it. I don't know, I never heard from her.

"You can't try and put Lindsay in a box, that's what I know. Lindsay is going to be Lindsay," he added.

However, Youssef didn't seem to hold any ill will towards Lohan, and said he'd be happy to have her make an appearance in the third season.

"She is one of my favourite Muslims," Ramy joked.

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