Twitter Debating Over How Much Cole Sprouse Resembles Terrence Howard in New Photo Shoot

After the Jughead Jones of 'Riverdale' shares new photos of him rocking a mustache, some people point out how much he looks like the 'Empire' star, but many others disagree.

AceShowbiz - The latest bizarre debate on Twitter has seen Cole Sprouse being compared to Terrence Howard. The "Riverdale" actor recently shared new photos of him rocking a mustache with his overgrown hair being tied into a ponytail.

The pictures were taken by photographer Alex Hainer, whom Cole tagged in the caption. "Some more from @alex_hainer to sever my audience in twain," he wrote along with the snaps, which evoked western and classic vibes.

Cole's photos prompted many social media users to gush about how much he looks like the "Empire" star. Those who think that the former child actor bears strong resemblance with the 51-year-old actor quickly took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Some of the comments read, "Is it Cole Howard or Terrance Sprouse? You decide. But Cole Sprouse does look like Terrance Howard here" and "Um can someone explain my Cole Sprouse, right, get this, LOOKS LIKE F**KING TERRANCE HOWARD (sic)." A third user added, "Ppl said Cole Sprouse look like Terrance Howard and now I can't unsee it."

However, there were many others who begged to differ. "I saw this trending, so I don't know who needs to hear this, but Cole Sprouse don't look like no damn Terrence Howard. Some of y'all been in the house too long," an apparent fan of the Jughead Jones depicter on The CW's series reacted to the comparison.

"nearly half of accounts tweeting about cole sprouse today don't seem to know what terrence howard looks like, new research finds," another slammed those who believe Cole and Terrence look like each other. Someone else expressed her/his confusion over the comparison with a meme while writing, "My trying to figure out how Cole Sprouse looks like Terrance Howard. That photo shoot is [fire emoji] tho."

Neither Cole nor Terrence has reacted to the comparison.

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