Hagen Mills Accused of Stalking and 'Terrorizing' Baby Mama Before Attempting Murder-Suicide

Tammy Green-Price, the mother of Erica Price, admits she witnessed first hand how the 'Baskets' actor shot his ex and was 'prepared to die' before he turned his gun on himself.

AceShowbiz - Actor Hagen Mills had stalked and terrorized Erica Price, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, before he attempted murder-suicide. Two days after the tragic incident, Erica's mother Tammy Green-Price broke her silence as she offered details about the "Baskets" actor's relationship with her daughter after they broke up.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Tammy described Hagen as "a very troubled soul," before launching into an accusation that he had "been terrorizing my daughter for months, years actually." Claiming that the "failed actor" was obsessed with her daughter, the 55-year-old alleged that he went as far as stalking his ex.

"He was driving over to the house to see if she had company, coming here in the middle of the night. He was calling her constantly and showing up at her work," Tammy said of Hagen's stalking. Though so, she noted that she doesn't know "how much the police know" about it since her daughter was "a very private person."

Tammy herself was a first-hand witness to Hagen's murder-suicide taking place on Tuesday, May 19. Recounting what happened, she revealed that the "Involuntarily Single" actor "shoved his way" into her daughter's home in Mayfield, Kentucky and pointed a pistol he brought with him at her. "He said he wasn't going to hurt me, he just wanted to come in and wait," she shared.

"He tied my hands with duct tape. I tried to appease him but it was clear he had lost his mind," Tammy recalled, spilling that the situation terrified Erica's daughter Mila, who was hysterical. When Erica arrived home and saw him with the gun, Tammy said that her daughter told him, "I'll go anywhere were, I'll do anything."

"Erica was doing everything she could to get him out of there and away from us," Tammy went on reliving the ordeal. "But he grabbed her phone and saw something on it and just said 'oh no'. That's when he raised his gun. He shot her twice from no further than ten feet away. She collapsed as she ran around the corner."

Tammy admitted that she was prepared to die after witnessing that. "I thought I was next. But the baby was behind me and my only real thought was to shield her," she said. "I somehow managed to nudge her down on the couch then closed my eyes and prepared to die. I heard the gun go off, I heard his body hitting the floor and I finally opened my eyes and realized I was alive."

After finding out that Erica was alive but wounded, Tammy made a call to 911. "The important thing is that my daughter is going to be ok. She's stable but in isolation because of COVID," she pointed out. "She's a beautiful person, she's a very giving, kind soul. She has never bothered anybody."

Prior to the murder-suicide incident, Hagen had a run-in with the law. On March 30, he got arrested and was charged with first degree rape, sodomy and kidnapping. He was released from the Graves County Jail on a $500,000 property bond and $10,000 surety on May 6.

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