Claudia Jordan Claims Nicki Minaj's Fans Harass Her Grandmother and Teen Niece
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In a separate Twitter post, the 'FOX Soul' host criticizes those who try to justify the bully, writing, 'So yall can justify trying to scare a little 15 year old black girl.'

AceShowbiz - Claudia Jordan learns how dangerous it is to get involved first hand with Nicki Minaj's fans. The TV personality shared on her Twitter account that after making some critical remarks about the Trinidadian rapper in a recent episode of the interactive TV show "FOX Soul", the Barbz started threatening her family members.

"WOW now the Barbz have gone too far. Threatening to 'BEAT HER' my 69 year old mother & now harassing my 15 year old niece?" Claudie wrote on Wednesday, May 20. "At the end of the day what will this accomplish but keep your karma bad & get you bought up on charges? WE stay protected-KNOW THIS. #OverATalkShowConvo smh."

Claudia Jordan accused the Barbz of harassment

Claudia Jordan claimed that Nicki Minaj's harassed her family.

In a separate post, she went on to criticize those who try to justify the bully. "So yall can justify trying to scare a little 15 year old black girl- like times aint challenging enough without you barbz being so ridiculous. I hope yall feel good about yourselves. But then again you have to be brainless & soul less to think that is cool or funny. Way to go!" Claudia tweeted.

In response to her posts, a fan told her that "they are going to be on your neck for life. I've been apart of the fan base from the start once you pick a fight the grudge is held on to for life." The fan continued, "I don't support any threats but I'm sad you don't see the issue with what you said. Did you hear what Tamar Braxton said?" referring to when Tamar said, "You can't get too involved in the Barbz and the Queen Bees."

"Oh so now you want to play the victim LOL okay," another fan wrote. One fan of Nicki, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, then warned Claudia, "Keep Onika name out ya mouth next time sis!!"

Claudia angered the Barbz with her recent remarks on "Fox Soul" where she discussed comparison between Nicki and Lil' Kim made by Usher. "Why are they mad at saying Lil' Kim paved the way? She did!…What's wrong with that?…I don't know why the fans are getting so mad at Usher," said Claudia.

Usher sparked an online debate regarding the two rappers after he said that "Nicki is a product of Kim" during an episode of "Verzuz" with Swizz Beatz on Sunday, May 17. His remark quickly gained reactions from social media users as Swizz alerted Usher, "You already trending on Twitter right now, by the way." He went on enthusing, "This is the 'Verzuz' effect, king. I see you trending on Twitter! This is special, this is fun."

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