Blueface's Baby Mama Jaidyn Alexxis Reacts After He Shows 'Bad Girls Club' Alum Rocky at His House

The 'Thotiana' rapper insists that the former reality TV star is just helping him clean up his house, but his baby mama Jaidyn doesn't seem to be bothered by it anyway.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has brought another woman to his house after his baby mama Jaidyn Alexxis' violent outburst which was allegedly triggered by jealousy. On Friday, May 15, he posted on his Instagram Story feed videos showing Raquel "Rocky" Santiago of "Bad Girls Club" at his home.

Seemingly to stop people from speculating about the nature of their relationship, the rapper told his followers that Rocky was at his home to clean up his house. He wrote over one of the clips, "She just came to help me out guys mind yah business."

In the videos, Rocky was indeed seen doing some household chores. Rocking a gray tank top and a dark gray baseball cap, she shyly smiled as Blueface filmed her washing the dishes and mopping the floor. The "Thotiana" hitmaker, meanwhile, appeared to be enjoying his downtime, relaxing on a couch and smoking a joint.

Seeing this, fans naturally hoped for reaction from his baby mama Jaidyn Alexxis, but she wanted everyone to know that she's not bothered by it anyway. Seemingly in response to people's inquiry, she posted on her own Instagram Stories, "I'm single tho y'all don't gotta send me that."

Just a few days prior to this, Blueface shared a clip of his now-ex-girlfriend Jaidyn going berserk at the rapper's house. She was seen holding a metal pooper scooper and using it to bang on the doors and windows, while he's remaining calm inside the house.

At one point, their child was heard crying, while the 23-year-old artist mockingly narrated the video. "baby mama drama, on crip," he exclaimed. He continued, "Damn, I got some good d**k," as he observed the supposed evidence of this incident. "Now she runnin', look."

Later, Jaidyn took to her own Stories to defend herself, hinting that her anger was triggered by jealousy because he was caught with another woman at home. "since we take **t to the gram ... N***as lick a**hole and then when b***hes do the pull up they run up stairs wit a scary b***h," she explained her violent outburst. "But we don't see the footage of when a b***h got inside now do we babe," she sarcastically asked her boyfriend.

Jaidyn went on insisting that she's not in the wrong, writing, "Yea ight no nigha, no b***h & not even the cops gon do NOTHIN #rappers call the cops THESE DAYS." Perhaps alluding to rappers who snitch, she added a rat emoji.

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