Natalie Portman Gives Out Rare Throwback Photo of Her Children on Mother's Day

The sweet picture, which is taken by husband Benjamin Millepied, captures the 'Black Swan' actress giving a kiss to her son while holding her infant daughter close to her chest.

AceShowbiz - Natalie Portman has offered a rare sneak peek at her very private life. Joining many in commemorating Mother's Day, the actress playing Padme Amidala in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" made use of Instagram to share a throwback photo that captured her with her two young children.

In the Sunday, May 10 post, the 38-year-old Oscar winner could be seen leaning outward to kiss her son Aleph, who was hugging her, all the while holding her then-infant daughter Amalia close to her chest. She did not provide any details about the picture, but she did credit her husband Benjamin Millepied for taking it.

Hours earlier, Natalie paid tribute to her own mother Shelley. "My first blessing in life was to be born to my mom," she began her shout-out post that accompanied a picture of them laughing. "She is the most loving, caring, generous, cuddly, funny, smart, talented, creative person I could ever imagine getting to spend my childhood with."

The Nina Sayers of "Black Swan" went on to express her new-found gratitude at her mother after becoming a mother herself. "And now I'm blessed by my kids who turned me into a mom and make me smile and laugh every single day - and who make me appreciate my mom even more for all the invisible things she did for me that I realize now as I try to live up to her mothering," she wrote.

While she rarely talked about her family life in public, Natalie opened up about motherhood in a 2019 interview. Speaking to Woman and Home magazine, she said, "Watching your children grow and learn every day is a wonderful blessing. Life definitely changes when you're a mom - you very quickly develop a greater sense of responsibility and maturity."

The "Lucy in the Sky" actress continued on sharing, "But I'm so grateful for my life with my husband Benjamin - he enabled me to take on the best role of my life - being a mother. It's been my greatest blessing."

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