Summer Walker Shares Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Linking Coronavirus to Overpopulation

As if it's not confusing enough, her conspiracy theory is attached to racy pictures of her flaunting her bare butt which she posts on her private Instagram account.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker just made another headline-grabbing post on her social media account. The singer, who recently sparked feud rumors with Willow Smith, has raised people's eyebrows with her bizarre conspiracy theory which appears to link coronavirus to overpopulation.

"All I wanna know is if these mf's cared about population control so much why they ain't put a cap on having kids globally like China a long a** time ago. You can have 1 MAYBE 2 & das it and das law, dese plp with these 8 children families simply would be prohibited," she wrote on her private Instagram account, seemingly suggesting that the COVID-19 pandemic is just a lie spread to cover up a mass murder to reduce the number of population.

She continued, "Instead of going welllll over the Georgia guidestones & deciding to say were f**ked so let's just create a fake a** virus implement martial law and throw everyone into fema camps murdering by masses."

At the end of it, however, she told her followers to ignore what she just said. "NOW FORGET EVERYTHING I just said. I lied about everything I have no clue what I'm talking about," she concluded her post.

As if it's not confusing enough, the caption came with racy photos of her flaunting her bare butt in lacy panties which have nothing to do with the conspiracy theory she shared.

"I can't even take her serious because of the picture she used," a baffled fan reacted to her post. Another similarly shared, "I'm trying to understand the relationship between her caption and the picture? Is she promoting masturbation as an other option to control the population? I'm very confused."

A third person, however, called Summer "smart" for using the pictures to gain more attention to her caption, "she knew ppl would pay attention to an ass shot and read the caption, rather than paying attention on their own. That's smart."

Taking the "Playing Games" songstress' theory seriously, one person agreed with her over the overpopulation concern. "Totally agree cause my damn cousin Definitely need the law to tell her ass stop having kids cause she got 7 and has custody of none...and sad to say we all know a person like this," the said person chimed in.

Another, however, thinks that Summer's random thought was just a result of her "social anxiety," commenting, "Her social anxiety must be acting up again."

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