Summer Walker Hints at Beef With Willow Smith

When a fan notices that the 'Playing Games' hitmaker and the daughter of Will Smith could relate to each other over their similar hobbies, the 24-year-old singer says the younger star 'won't talk' to her.

AceShowbiz - Is there a bad blood between Summer Walker and Willow Smith? The former sparked a speculation that she may be beefing with the 19-year-old actress/singer after a fan noticed that the two could relate to each other over their similar hobbies.

On Tuesday, May 5, the Atlanta-born star shared a video of her practicing yoga. She attempted to pull a difficult position, but she failed. Poking fun at herself, she captioned the clip with "Lmao dead a** how my practice goes with new positions, salamba sirsasana."

Seeing this, a fan suggested that she has a joint yoga and meditation session with the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, writing, "You and @willowsmith should do some yoga and meditation." But the "Playing Games" singer hinted that it may never happen in the near future as she replied to the said follower, "lol she won't talk to me."

The cryptic claim prompted people to speculate that there may be some kind of fallout between the two. "Willow probably just couldn't deal with the mood swings... She said her last 'wowww' and moved on," one speculated.

"Because you're problematic," another user, who is apparently not a fan of Summer, slammed her. Someone else similarly commented, "probably got on her nerves."

Some others, however, think that the speculators were reaching out. "She was probably just joking around. This how s**t get started smh," one responded. Another jokingly shared, "It ain't that deep i know obama won't talk to me."

Her yoga video and her rumored beef with Willow aside, Summer seemingly to have rekindled her romance with London on da Track. On Monday, the on-and-off couple sparked the reunion rumor after they shared matching photos.

London's photo featured him relaxing while reading a book near what looks like a swimming pool. The photo also captured the green neighborhood with the backdrop of a mountain. Summer's photo, meanwhile, showed a glimpse of a man, whose face is not seen, with the view of the same mountain, hinting that they were at the same place around the same time.

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