Ari Fletcher Appears to Claim Megan Thee Stallion's Skin Isn't Natural

In a since-deleted tweet, the girlfriend of MoneyBagg Yo writes, 'B***hes put that foundation on and blend it in good and have y'all thinking it's their natural skin.'

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion and Ari Fletcher have never interacted publicly, though fans have long been speculating that the latter doesn't have the best impression on the rapper. Making them even more convinced, Ari seemingly called out Megan and claimed that her skin isn't natural through a tweet posted over the weekend.

In the since deleted post, the mother of one said, "B***hes put that foundation on and blend it in good and have y'all thinking it's their natural skin. Don't be fooled." When one of her followers called her out, "Not you trying to argue over skin," Ari stressed, "Ain't no argument, I said what I said."

Ari didn't name names in her tweet, but people were convinced that she was referring to Megan. "Not Ari throwing shade at Megan saying her 'natural' face isn't really natural...... Does she really want to discuss what's natural and what's not?" one said. "Megan is always around with no makeup soooo why was Ari aka Jigsaw aka diaper booty shading her? The audacity," another defended the "Savage" hitmaker.

"Ari stay throwing shade @ Megan. Like sis...your insecurities are showing," one other weighed in. "ari is so bothered by megan. like girl, don't nobody want moneybagg but you," someone else commented, referring to the speculation that Ari kept shading Megan because she used to date MoneyBagg Yo.

Megan herself has yet to respond to Ari. Instead, she took to Instagram to share a video of her showing off her natural hair. In a video posted on the photo-sharing site, the "Captain Hook" rapper could be seen playing with her curls as upbeat hip-hop music played in the background. "Lol I feel naked without my wig," so she said in the caption of the video, which has garnered more than 2 million views as of now.

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