Draya Michele Wants 'Pregnancy Scare Nasty' Vacation After Quarantine

While some people love the 35-year-old 'Basketball Wives L.A.' alum's joke that she shares on Instagram Stories, some others can't help but call her corny because of it.

AceShowbiz - People all around the world have been forced to stay at home as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten the lives of many. Among those who are spending their days inside is Draya Michele, who apparently already has a plan for when this quarantine period comes to an end.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the media personality wrote, "I need a nasty a** vacation after this virus. I mean NASTY. Pregnancy scare NASTY."

Some people loved her joke, while some others couldn't help but call her corny because of that. "Some thoughts should be kept in our minds, not typed out in public…," one commented, as another typed, "She’s so Thirsty for Attention its Pathetic at This Point." Meanwhile, one other person wrote, "Lol this weird to say to the public."

Someone else wrote a lengthy reply to her post, "I don't think Thas th lesson. Everybody planning on wilding, partying n fornicating when this is done...n I think Thas th opposite of what ppl should be doing. If you survive this just be grateful n continue to do things cleanly n in great moderation." On the other hand, one person said, "People seeking everything except God…"

During quarantine, Draya has been treating fans to a number of bikini pics. Most recently, she shared a snap of herself against a white-painted stone wall as she leaned her body forward with her hands placed against the wall. Flaunting her killer curves, the "Basketball Wives L.A." alum sported a tiny string bikini that helped her display her ample cleavage and toned abs and hourglass hips. She kept her accessories simple and styled her hair into a slick bun.

"It's gonna be 80° this week," so she wrote in the caption of the post.

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