Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Pregnant With Tristan Thompson's Baby While Quarantining Together

The latest pregnancy rumor comes after the Cleveland Cavaliers player teased the reality TV star about the possibility of giving their daughter a sibling in an episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'.

AceShowbiz - Khloe Kardashian is probably eating for two now. Rumor has it that the Good American founder is currently pregnant again with Tristan Thompson's baby while they are quarantining together with their daughter True Thompson.

A source tells MTO News that the exes, who have been rumored getting back together multiple times, decided to expand their family while under lockdown for the past month. "Khloe and Tristan are together, and they're pregnant," the so-called insider spills, before adding, "The pregnancy was planned."

The latest pregnancy rumor comes after Khloe and Tristan teased the possibility of giving their daughter a sibling in the new episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". In the Thursday, April 16 outing, the reality TV star was sorting through True's toys in order to donate the ones she had grown out of. While going through old toys at Tristan's house over Facetime, the basketball player suggested not getting rid of everything.

"What happens if we have another girl?" he said. "We have to buy it all over again." Khloe replied, "Who is having another girl with you?" the basketball player argued, "Listen, I'm just saying, True does need a sibling."

Khloe apparently has also been thinking about the same thing, though that doesn't necessarily mean she has to reunite or hook up with Tristan again. "I might get some embryos and get a sibling," she responded. "I might need to borrow some sperm or get some from you." She coyly added, "We'll figure that out later. That's a whole other episode. So awkward."

While their conversation didn't imply that a romantic reunion is on the line for them, fans were not into the idea of the former couple having another baby together. "Khloe is really disappointing me," one reacted to Khloe's storyline in the episode. Another commented, "I wish this woman would respect herself."

Some others suspected that Khloe and Tristan low-key hinted they want each other back. "Girl y'all gone do it the regular way again," one predicted. "You know you want him to breed you again sis , cut it outtt," another person remarked.

Meanwhile, others took issue with the fact Tristan seemingly didn't take into account his 3-year-old son Prince from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig as True's sibling. "Someone call Tristans sons mother over here because froot loops apparently forgot he has another kid out there.....," one reacted. Another added, "She has a sibling--YOUR SON!"

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