'90 Day Fiance' Star Ed Brown Confirms Model-Like Man in Viral Throwback Photos Is Him

Fans are in disbelief as the reality TV star, who's earned his nickname Big Ed for his plus-size figure, is unrecognizable with slim and tan physique in the pictures from 1988.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance" star Ed Brown could have been pursuing a career as a model back in 1980s. The reality TV star has confirmed that the hot-looking guy in throwback photos which have gone viral is him in 1988.

One of the pictures features Ed striking a GQ-esque pose. He was unrecognizable with his slim and tan physique while wearing an all-white outfit. According to Ed, who has earned his nickname Big Ed for his plus-size figure, the photo was taken during his second date with his now ex-wife at the San Diego Zoo.

Another image has him wearing only biker shorts, giving a glimpse at his toned leg muscles. A third photo obtained by TMZ features Ed while he was working at an El Torito in Southern California circa 1995.

Ed says he's not sure how his throwback photos went viral, but he suspects that they were taken from his private Facebook page. After they surfaced online, viewers have mixed reactions to those old photos of Ed, with some expressing their disbelief that the man in the pictures is him.

"No offense but the eye brows are not at all shaped like Ed's and features do not even look like him," one suspicious commenter wrote. Another skeptical user said, "Yea somebody's gonna have to show me some [evidence] that this is actually Ed before I can believe it."

Ed suffers from Klippel Feil syndrome, a congenital condition that results in two of the seven neck vertebrae fusing, which explains his different looks now. A fan defended him, "I wish people would stop ripping on his neck and the fact he can't turn his head. I have a friend with this disease and it's a horror to watch him deteriorate."

Acknowledging that Ed looked hot in his old days, someone else enthused, "Must've called him big stud back then." Another person claimed, "Yeah I could tell he was decent in his younger days."

Ed's love story with his Filipino girlfriend Rose is featured in this season of "90 Day Fiance". Due to the show's popularity, Ed says his photography business has attracted more customers, with people all over the world asking him to shoot with them.

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