Jeannie Mai in Tears While Talking About Her 'Traumatic' Divorce From Freddy Harteis

Opening up on her feeling about holding a second wedding after divorce, she says, 'You just feel like you've failed, you feel embarrassed, all those people that were there at your wedding.'

AceShowbiz - Jeannie Mai couldn't hold back her tears whenever the topic of her divorce was brought up. "The Real" co-host got emotional in the Monday, April 13 episode of the show that marked the first episode featuring the co-hosts filming from self-isolation.

During the episode, co-host Adrienne Bailon asked her about her wedding plans and whether she would make a change since it would be her second wedding. "I would say, um… Adrienne… It's so weird that you triggered this. I would say that personal time, for anybody who's been divorced," she responded.

Opening up about her feeling after being divorced from Freddy Harteis, Jeannie continued, "If you guys have friends that are divorced, it is one of the most traumatic things that can happen. You just feel like you've failed, you feel embarrassed, all those people that were there at your wedding… you get jaded. I remember telling you guys I'm not getting married again. I'm sure if you go back in episodes you’re gonna see times that I made jokes about marriage."

Praising her fiance Jeezy (previously known as Young Jeezy), she added, "The thing that saved me is that I never gave up on love. Love is so omnipresent and it's so healing, the only reason I recognize healthy love with Jay today, is because I took time to love myself… And the divorce hurt. People change. People behave in ways you didn't expect."

"I definitely… You see things in people and it makes you completely not be able to trust anybody after that. If you see the partner that you slept with and shared a life with a certain way, again because of hurt feelings, not because people are bad people, but because of just hurt," she concluded.

Jeannie and Freddy were married from 2007 to 2017. They decided to go on separate ways because she didn't want to have children while he did. She later started dating Jeezy in late 2018 after meeting on the set of "The Real", and made the romance red carpet official in August 2019, at a glitzy gala for Jeezy's Street Dreamz charity.

The pair recently took their relationship to another level with the "Soul Survivor" hitmaker popping the question to the 41-year-old at his Los Angeles home after travel restrictions introduced as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak forced him to rework his romantic plan.

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