Cam'ron Accused of Abuse After Seen Spanking a Woman in Video

While some Twitter users find the video of him spanking the woman repeatedly distasteful, others appear to enjoy another video showing a woman whose boobs spill out of her tank top while jumping rope.

AceShowbiz - Cam'ron's attempt to entertain his bored fans during the coronavirus quarantine has pressed the wrong buttons. The rapper has been called mean and accused of abuse after sharing a video of him spanking a woman.

In the clip, which he claimed was taken in the past, a woman showed her butt to the camera while seductively shaking it. Enter Cam'ron who gushed about the booty before spanking it hard multiple times in the same spot. "Somewhere in the Midwest. I miss tourLife," he captioned it.

While the "Hey Ma" hitmaker appeared to do it in a playful manner and the woman didn't seem to be hurt or mind it, some people did not share his enthusiasm. Finding the video distasteful, they have taken to Twitter to slam the 44-year-old star.

"Camron hit that poor girl in the same spot, that was mean," one person commented on the actor/record executive's action in the video. An unamused user asked, "Why would she let herself get beat like that."

"He took advantage of that girl. That's abuse," another alleged. While refraining from calling it abuse, another agreed that the video was appalling. "I don't like the way that this looks. Not saying its abuse. But it looks bad," the said user tweeted.

Another warned him in the comment section of his Instagram post, "She going to give a rap case night. It is hard for famous ppl." Sharing the same opinion, someone else weighed in, "She white, you about to get a year in jail for every slap."

The spanking video isn't the only random stuff that Cam'ron has been posting on his Instagram account for fun as he and other Americans continue to stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Later on Friday, April 10, he shared a video of a woman, whose boobs went all over the place as she jumped rope.

The East Harlem rapper was lying down on a couch while he filmed it. Looking embarrassed, the woman then stopped to fix her wardrobe malfunction. "We both quarantined for a month. So I Invited Killa keim thru to work out, so he wrote in the accompanying caption.

For this video, Cam'ron received mostly positive responses. "I told you 'Killa,' " one follower reacted to the video. Another commended him, "Killa wtf ?? Lol nigga did Ig give you a pass lord?? Nigga this the I just came home from doing 15 years post lol you’re a legend."

"Thank You For This!" a grateful person wrote. Someone else gushed, "You the real mvp killa." One person jokingly warned him, "s/o @Mr_Camron might get suspended on ig for that, but it was funny as s**t and much appreciated lol."

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