Smokepurpp Calls Female Fan 'Creep' for Getting Matching Tattoo

Clearly not having it, the 22-year-old hip-hop star goes off on the female fan who tattooed his signature logo on her neck, 'You're not my b***h, you're for the street!'

AceShowbiz - Fans of Smokepurpp might need to think twice before getting either his name or his logo tattooed on their bodies. The 22-year-old rapper recently went off on a female fan who inked his logo on her neck, accusing her of using the tattoo to claim that she's his girlfriend when she's actually not.

Holding an Instagram Live session, Smokepurpp said, "Stop doing that creep s**t you ain't my b***h." He then yelled to the camera, "You're not my b***h, you're for the street!" Smokepurpp also called her "weird" before stressing that he has never ever met her before. "This b***h is really telling all the blogs that she's my girlfriend. B***h are you crazy? This b***h is f***ing clown, man. You are not my b***h." he continued.

The said female fan apparently was watching the Live the whole time and begged him to let her join his Live. "F**K YOU. GUEST ME NOW," she commented as Smokepurpp continued his rant. "F**K YOU I AM IN HERE. GUEST ME."

It appears Smokepurpp later noticed her comment and let the female fan join his Live session, but naturally it didn't go smoothly. They were seen arguing for some time before Smokepurpp called her "creep" and cut her off before she could even finish her sentence. "F**k you, oh no, b***h, you're for the street," so he said.


Meanwhile, the female fan continued to shade Smokepurpp even after the fight. Taking to her Twitter account, she said, "every person I ever knew in my life that liked me or didn't like me hit me up today and yesterday. I just want to let you know....f**k you. If I didn't f**k with you before, why the f**k would I f**k with you now."

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