NBA YoungBoy Reignites Kodak Black Feud With More Taunting Instagram Posts

Kodak doesn't stay silent as he quickly claps back in an Instagram post, posting 'proof' of YoungBoy wanting to be him including a picture of the 'Make No Sense' imitating his hand gesture.

AceShowbiz - NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again isn't done blasting Kodak Black for commenting on Iyanna Mayweather's arrest. He continued to taunt the incarcerated rapper on his Instagram Stories on Sunday, April 5.

"I ain't never hated on a n***a.....said no p***y s**t or nothing I stay to myself these b***h a** n***as hurt bout something. Why speak on me?? I aint do yo broke a** s**t," so he wrote on his account.

In a separate post, YoungBoy continued, "oh yeah you proved you a b***h you clout chasing now. you can't get no more attention. B***h you aint no gangster."

Kodak didn't stay silent as he quickly clapped back in an Instagram post. "You My Youngest Boy, You Really Wanna Be Like Me Jit Da Proof Is In Da Pudding," he wrote alongside "proof" of YoungBoy wanting to be him including a picture of YoungBoy imitating his hand gesture.

"I Love U Tho Son-Son I Think About U Everyday..I Like How Ya Manager Dem BackTrack To Fix Da Snitching S**t On The Blogs Doe Kuz Dat Cooperation S**t Make Da FAM Look Bad But It's Ok Son-Son Daddy Ain’t Mad At U, It Ain't Nothing," he added.

Kodak enraged YoungBoy as the former accused him of cooperating with the police after Iyanna was arrested and taken to a jail in Harris County, Texas on early Saturday, April 4 after a 25-year-old woman named Lapattra Lashai Jacobs was stabbed and hospitalized.

YB caught wind of the comment and wasted no time to viciously respond to Kodak. In an expletive-laden rant on Instagram, he said, "[Kodak] say I cooperated. For what, you stupid b***h? Bout my wife?! Iyanna, get up. Come here. You talking about this girl right here? You talking about my wife? Inside my house that I pay for?" As YB continued his rant, Iyanna appeared in the background.

"Tell me why this n***a spoke on me from jail. Why the f**k you even watching me from jail? Man, you is a b***h! This n***a gonna say I cooperated with the police," YB elaborated.

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