Janet Jackson Faces Backlash for Nelson Mandela Coronavirus Tweet

The singer enrages Internet users after she decides to share on her Twitter account a Nelson Mandela meme to encourage people to practice social distancing amid Coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Janet Jackson recently took to her social media account to encourage people to practice social distancing amid Coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, April 4, the singer decided to share the "Stay at Home" message using a Nelson Mandela meme, prompting people to be mad.

The 53-year-old took to Twitter to upload a photo of Mandela standing inside a prison cell. Captioning the picture, Jackson wrote, "In isolation for 27 years. No family, luxuries, phone. Just hope and a vision. We can do this.. #StayHome."

It didn't take long before she received backlash over the tweet, which has now been deleted. "Its actually less then that, people don't know that Mandela was moved into a guest house in the late mid 80s, some 10 years before his official release, this mean he spent almost 10 years leaving under house arrest with family visitors and ANC negotiators," one user replied to her.

Another person wrote, "So you're telling me Mandela had a choice to leave Robin Island?"

Some others, meanwhile, came to her defense. One supporter tweeted, "People need to relax!! @JanetJackson has met Mandela she knows his history in fact the Jacksons came to visit Mandela on a few occasions. She was only saying 'this man was in prison for 27 years for our freedom, and we only need to stay home a few days for ourselves & health.' "

"I get what @JanetJackson was saying: Nelson Mandela was taken into isolation with no luxury's and still survived 27 years!" another comment read. "You dumba**es still have the freedom and the luxuries of family, your televisions, cable, Internet and everything else and still can't stay the f**k home!"

Mandela, who was the first president of South Africa, was sentenced to prison for 27 years for attempting to overthrow South Africa's Apartheid law. The law was about a political and social system of segregation and discrimination against one race.

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