Ben Simmons' Sister Accuses NBA Coach Ex of Being Abusive and Cheating on Her With a Man

Liv Alice Simmons takes to Twitter to detail her alleged toxic relationship with Jamelle McMillan, an assistant coach for the Pelicans, whom she used to date when they both attended Arizona State University.

AceShowbiz - Ben Simmons' sister has claimed to be an abuse victim at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who also cheated on her with a man. Liv Alice Simmons posted a series of tweets since late March to open up about her past toxic relationship with a man whom she dated when she was 18.

"I also was in an abusive relationship when in college and now he's a coach in the nba yet he cheated on me with a man but that's okay his karma will get him......" so she wrote. "I've been worried about my health and safety a few fkn times...."

While she initially didn't name the said ex, she eventually gave hints about who he is. She revealed that both she and her ex attended Arizona State University. "The Phoenix suns to be specific," she said of which team her ex is coaching for, before correcting herself, "Sorry now the pelicans." She also wrote in another post that the ex's first name is Jamelle, leading many to assume that she was talking about Jamelle McMillan, an assistant coach for the Pelicans.

She shared how she found out her ex's alleged infidelity, "Also when I found out my first ex was cheating (with a man) I literally threw up, I found out via email........... I have never gone through his phone or anything but something told me to check that email and boy oh boy did I find a lot. Yes I forwarded them to myself......"

Claiming that she didn't lie and has the "receipts," she challenged the said ex to sue her. "Also I hope he sues me for defamation so I can show the world in a court of law the truth and his disgusting behaviour can be in public records FOREVER," she continued.

"I'm not just someone's sister I'm a survivor of many things & I'll be opening up about EVERYTHING. I'm here to tell PEOPLE they don't have to stay in toxic situations," she stressed. "They can also change as people if they themselves are toxic. Too real for some of y bust just enough for others."

Claiming that there are "hundreds of women" who have spoken up about their similar experiences with Jamelle, Liv shared, "This is really graphic but I don't care people need to be shocked. When I asked one of his accusers if he ever participated in group acts cause y'all wanna call me a fkn liar this was the response. It's about the abuse let's be very fkn clear but y'all won't believe me."

Liv apparently received backlash for opening up about her abusive relationship, but she later clapped back as writing, "Grown a** men sit and tweet about me like I would let them spray my farts as a fragrance. Dumb little boys I have a beautiful a** man at home who supports me unconditionally. Knows all my demons and is prepared to stand by me. Y'all can even afford a subscription to pornhub bye."

She added, "No I don't I don't have to drop anything. My receipts are for me and if he wanna go there we can. I've been saying this for years it's not secret. All my friends know. Hundreds of women are victims. If my word isn't enough I don't want u on my team period. Ur just nosey."

Some others showed their support for her and told her to stand up for herself. To them, she wrote back, "I appreciate the support. I really do. I am actually very much okay but something inside me has always just been a bit off and it's all this resentment I've been harbouring due to no ownership on his part. Welp TIME IS UP."

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