Tom Holland on Unexpected Online Interaction with Justin Bieber: 'This Is Wild'

During their first Instagram Live chat together, the 'Spiderman: Homecoming' star and the 'Yummy' singer discuss how the coronavirus has caused the shut down of the actor's upcoming movie production.

AceShowbiz - Even Tom Holland can still be left starstruck by other celebrity. On Tuesday night, March 31, the leading man of "Spider-man: Homecoming" surprised many of Justin Bieber's fans when he joined the "Yummy" hitmaker during a live chat, but he himself could not hide his astonishment at the unexpected interaction.

Holland was contacted by Bieber during an Instagram Live chat to thank the former for his review of "Justin Bieber: Seasons". "What's up, bro. Thank you for saying what you said about my documentary. That meant so much. You're so awesome, dude," the 26-year-old singer kicked off their chat. It got the 23-year-old actor to response by saying, "Likewise, bro!"

At some point during the talk, the "Avengers: Endgame" star expressed his disbelief that he and the "What Do You Mean" hitmaker just got their first online interaction. "This is kind of wild, man," he gushed.

Saying that he was "just trying to pass the time" since he was "getting a little bored" amid the coronavirus lockdown, Bieber asked Holland if he was "supposed to be shooting any movies." In response, the "Captain America: Civil War" actor explained, "We went to for day 1 - I'm doing this movie called 'Uncharted', which is based on a video game - and we showed up for our first day of shooting and they shut us down."

"I was in Berlin, so I had to come home and now I'm back in London," Holland went on explaining. When asked if he "prepared" anything for the role, the actor who got his breakthrough role in "The Impossible" spilled, "I mean, I did a bit. I played the video games, and I got into shape, but I wasn't putting my heart and my soul on the line for it."

On the positive note, Holland noted that the shut down of "Uncharted" production gave him a chance to entertain himself. "We're all in London, we're all stuck in my house and we're watching this show," he shared. "Bro, you have to watch this show. It's called 'Alone', it's 10 people and they stick them in the wilderness and they have to survive. It's straight up real life."

Holland and Bieber's online interaction came after the former confessed he watched the latter's YouTube docuseries while doing a press stop for "Onward". He said in a Q&A session, "I really enjoyed that, because it was nice to see someone who goes through it in the biggest way possible also has a hard time."

"And I just felt like there was a real solidarity for young people going through… nobody goes through it like he does, but we all go through it a little bit. I was just really grateful to see that side of him, I guess. I just really kind of happy that he's happy. He seems so happy."

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