Blogger Jason Lee Under Fire for Fat Shaming Lizzo and Tyra Banks

The radio personality calls out the 'America's Next Top Model' presenter for 'starting to look like Lizzo,' but when he's reminded of his own weight, he claims that he's 'thick and juicy.'

AceShowbiz - Blogger Jason Lee has been slammed for fat shaming Lizzo and Tyra Banks. The radio host, who is known for his controversial comments, has enraged people after he compared the two ladies for their weight in a live broadcast with transgender entertainer Ts Madison a.k.a. Maddie.

During their conversation, the subject of Tyra was brought up. "...I saw her a couple of weeks ago. She's starting to look like Lizzo," Jason began saying of the supermodel. Disagreeing with him, Madison responded, "Tyra Banks is fine as hell. What are you talking about? Lizzo is fine as hell."

Jason further made his point clear as he doubled down, "Fine? Oh, I thought you said fat." Madison was not having it, telling her friend, "Don't do that! Don't you do that, cause both of us is fat now. Me and you are fat. Lizzo is fat, so we're fine."

But Jason refused to be called fat, insisting, "I'm thick and juicy."

Watching their video chatting, people soon took to Twitter to blast Jason for his comments on Lizzo and Tyra. "He really tried this. Hate to see it," one person said of the radio personality, who also runs news platform Hollywood Unlocked.

Another compared him to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, "Jason stays trying people. He's basicag (sic) this generations Perez Hilton." A third user commented, "I'm perpleexed (sic) why anyone pays him any attn. We gotta stop giving trolls platforms."

"Jason Lee is trash, been trash and will always be trash. He's allowed his celebrity affiliations and photo ops that he's gotten by a** kissing make him believe that he's invincible and 180lbs," one person called him out. Someone else brought up the fact that Lizzo spread kindness amid the coronavirus crisis by buying meals for medical workers working overtime, while Jason spread hatred and negativity.

Some others applauded Madison for shutting Jason down. One of them wrote, "Jason Lee doesn't deserve to have a platform. He is such as hateful and vile person. It is so sad to see Lizzo receive so much hatred. She doesn't it AT ALL. I'm glad TS Madison shut him down swiftly."

"Jason Lee really fat shamed Lizzo. The irony, another added. Good on TS Madison for clocking on him. Sir, you're fat too. He needs to stick to all the Instagram trade he be lusting for around LA," read another comment on Twitter.

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