Adam Schlesinger Fighting for His Life After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Initial reports stated that the Fountains of Wayne co-founder was in a medically induced coma, but his lawyer has since clarified that he's just heavily sedated.

AceShowbiz - Fountains of Wayne co-founder Adam Schlesinger is fighting for his life in a New York hospital after contracting the coronavirus, Covid-19.

The Emmy and Grammy Award winner and one-time Oscar-nominee's hospitalisation was revealed on Twitter on Tuesday (31Mar20) by a fan account of his current band, Ivy.

However, contrary to the claim made by the account that Schlesinger is in a medically induced coma, his lawyer of 25 years Josh Grier said that the musician is just heavily sedated and on a ventilator.

"He's very sick and is heavily sedated, as are all people on ventilators, but no one has used the word 'coma' to me," Grier said.

The lawyer confirmed Schlesinger has been in an Upstate New York hospital for over a week and is receiving excellent medical care, but that doctors are reluctant to make predictions about those suffering from the new disease, as much about it remains unknown.

The 52-year-old songwriter was Oscar-nominated for his title track on the 1996 Tom Hanks film "That Thing You Do" and won three Emmys for his work in TV, as well as two Grammy Awards, and two Tony nominations for his and David Javerbaum's musical "Cry-Baby".

Fountains of Wayne had their biggest hit in 2003 with "Stacey's Mom", which reached number 21 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number 11 in the U.K.

As it has spread across the U.S. several musicians have become seriously ill with the coronavirus, with country legend John Prine, 73, also in intensive care, and another country star Joe Diffie, 61, dying from the disease. "Arrows" frontman Alan Merrill, 69, also passed away after getting sick with the virus.

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