Russell Brand Worries About His Addiction While Stranded in Australia Due to Coronavirus

Informing fans he is still in New South Wales because of travel restrictions, the 'Rock of Ages' actor complains that getting support for his issues 'becomes increasingly impossible in self isolation.'

AceShowbiz - Russell Brand is finding it "increasingly impossible" to manage his addiction and mental health issues as he's "stranded" in New South Wales, Australia due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Last week (ends March 15), the comedian was forced to cancel his remaining Australia and New Zealand shows due to the global health crisis, and on Thursday the 44-year-old confirmed he was still in the region due to travel restrictions.

In a video shared on his YouTube page, Russell said he didn't know whether he could leave Australia as the country was closing its borders, with the U.K. also taking similar precautions. He also shared his worry over the lack of access to support groups and communities to manage his addiction and mental health issues.

"I like to meet other people with addiction issues or alcoholism issues and get support as I work a 12-step program. That becomes increasingly impossible in self isolation," he explained.

However, he joked: "Thankfully there are online hook up groups, not hook up groups, that's a different thing, that's the old life, meet up groups, that's much more my speed."

The star added he found it ironic that, while social media is often criticised for reducing interaction, it's now some people's only form of contact with the outside world.

"At a time where the world was becoming saturated with ongoing laments about the nature of atomised online communities, the fact that we don't speak any more, don't see each other anymore, that everything's done with a swipe or a like or a heart," he explained. "Now suddenly it (online) is the only option we've got. Even in remote places such as the one where I find myself currently stranded there is suspicion and fear."

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