Rosario Dawson Updates on Father's Recovery After Pancreatic Cancer Surgery
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Despite going through a trying time with her father's health crisis, the 'Sin City' actress admits she was honored to be able to take care of him and grateful for the time they have.

AceShowbiz - Rosario Dawson's father is on the road to recovery after undergoing cancer surgery.

The "Sin City" star went public with her dad Greg's pancreatic cancer diagnosis last year, but she explains he is now one step closer to overcoming his health crisis.

"My dad's doing OK," she shared on America's "The Kelly Clarkson Show".

"We're post-surgery for his pancreatic cancer, so it's been a really long journey this (past) year, but now it's just trying to get some weight on him."

Dawson admits supporting her father through the trying time has been a rough ride, but she is thankful to have the time and resources to be by his side - unlike when she lost her grandmother some years ago.

"This has probably been the most stressful year of my life, but what an honour it is to be able to take care of my dad," she said.

"My grandmother, when she passed just before (the age of) 76, she had a blood clot so she was just gone. I wish I could have been able to take care of her, and so even though this has been really stressful... all I've been in is in my gratitude (sic), just loving my dad, and just so grateful for the time that we have, and not taking another second for granted."

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