Toya Wright and Reginae Carter Accused of Blackface at Mardi Gras Celebration

The 'Toya: A Family Affair' star has since deleted photos featuring her and Reginae sporting black makeup at the Zulu parade after they sparked debate among social media users.

AceShowbiz - Not only white people can be accused of disrespecting black people by sporting blackface. Toya Wright and Reginae Carter have found themselves in the middle of a similar controversy after they're pictured sporting black makeup.

On Tuesday, February 25, Toya shared photos of her and two other friends, including Reginae, wearing a black face paint, an afro wig, a blue T-shirt and fringe skirt. Their looks that day were apparently for the MardiGras celebration at the Zulu parade.

"Everywhere else it's just Tuesday! Happy Mardi Gras! #Zulu #mardigras2020," she captioned the snaps, while tagging New Orleans, Louisiana as the location where the photos were taken. While she seemingly had no intention to offend anyone with the makeup and the snaps, people have been debating whether her makeup was considered blackface.

"Ummmmmm seems a lot like black face to me. Or is it just me ????" one confused user asked. One person said that it's a Nola tradition, while another went on explaining, "it's a #Nola thing it's more than a NOLA thing... it comes from the Zulu people of southern Africa, who in the late 19th century drove out British colonists with sticks and spears."

Despite knowing the tradition, one person said that he/she still feels "offended." Another echoed the sentiment, "might or might not a be a Nola thing, but it sure does look insensitive and offensive to the actual African community..."

Some others were not buying the Nola thing explanation, with one arguing, "Which Zulu is this one though? Like they mean the South African Zulu tribe? Because that tribe does not wear any of the things that these women are wearing. What is happening here????"

"Hmm, been alive a long time and I've never seen this tradition before. Keep it rolling 2020," another responded. Someone else blasted Toya and Reginae for taking part in this, "This is some racist s**t. I don't care if black people are dressing up black face google your history."

A few others, however, defended the stars, with one writing, "Its black make up not black face. There is a difference in N.O. culture. Per CNN." Another responded to the critics, "Dont give them backlash for wearing black paint on they face..who they misappropriating themselves? This is ok its Mardi gras!!!!!!!!!!!!They from Loiusiana."

Toya and Reginae have not addressed the blackface accusation, but the photos have been deleted from Toya's page.

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