Jayda Cheaves' Sister's Car Flips Over During Instagram Live - Is She OK?

During the Live session, Ameerah appears to be the one driving the car but she hardly has her eyes on the road as she keeps switching her focus between the road and her phone.

AceShowbiz - Is Ameerah all right? The sister of Jayda Cheaves was interacting with fans via Instagram Live while on the road on Monday, February 24 when she suddenly got into a car accident and got many of her viewers concerned about her safety.

Ameerah appeared to be the one driving during the session, but she hardly had her eyes on the road as she kept switching her focus between the road and her phone. To make things worse, she didn't wear her seat belt and allegedly told her followers prior to this that she was a little bit drunk. Things seemed to be chill until she appeared to be shock and grabbed the wheel with both hands as the crash took place. Someone then could be heard cursing and yelling, "I can't get out!"

People who tuned in to the Live were naturally worried and asked what happened. However, her sister Jayda assured that she is fine following the accident. "The car flipped over!! Omg we just talked to her. She's good thanks y'all," the baby mama of Lil Baby said on Twitter. "God is good."

Ameerah also gave her followers an update on her account. Alongside a video of the aftermath of the crash, she wrote, "WE ARE OK … please don't call my phone right now. We are ok. Thanks for your concern.." However, she made it clear that she wasn't to blame for the crash as she continued, "It was not MY FAULT !! regardless! We flipped and rolled 100 yards but we are blessed to be alive. BLESSED AF."

She also took to Instagram Stories to further explain the incident, hitting back at those who attacked her for driving while on the phone. "It's sad & crazy how negative y'all are," she said. "I was hit. I didn't hit nobody. The person shouldn't have been in the HOV line at all with just him in the car. Everything bout this was a lesson learned. Y'all just be so quick to be negative."

In a separate post, Ameerah revealed that while none of the passengers were badly injured, she hurt her leg. "IM BLESSED. None of us are hurt bad thank god," she wrote. "The medic said I seen the same thing happen last week but they died. BLESSED."

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